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Musical Parenting Seminar(in Mandarin)中文音樂親子教育座談

In this series of seminars, I will share my personal experience as a Suzuki cello teacher helping parents to practice for 25 years and as a mother of two daughters who started learning cello 15 years ago as we started our education-based homeschooling journey.

Seminar Schedule 時間表

Introduction seminar- one hour, FREE admission, November 22- 9:00 am Central/10:00 am Eastern Registration from我要報名LINK HERE

B.$25: 2-hour What is the Suzuki Triangle in Reality on November 28, Saturday, 9:00 AM-11:00 central/10:00-12:00 AM eastern Registration from 我要報名

C. $25: 2-hour Love for Practice & Performance on December 6, 9:00 AM-11:00 central/10:00-12:00 AM eastern Registration from 我要報名



  1. How do we build and maintain a healthy relationship among parent, teacher, and child, the Suzuki Triangle? 鈴木三角關係是什麼?

  2. Define the parents’ role in Musical Parenting- 音樂親子教育的定義

  3. Define the parents' role for daily practice 練琴時家長的重要性

  4. How do we guide our child to practice better when they have a busy schedule, or when they are preoccupied by something else? How do we redirect?

  5. Help our kids' discover their mistakes during their practice without turning that into a power struggle. Critical thinking in Musical Parenting. 用方法學習解決問題的訓練

  6. How to find the grit in daily practice- How do we guide our children when they are frustrated? 如何幫自己以及孩子培養不輕易放棄、堅持到底的精神?

  7. How to assist our child to enjoy practicing? Disguised repetition.反覆練習的真實意義在哪?


Shu-Yi Scott 黃淑宜

Doctor of Musical Arts/Suzuki Cello Teacher Trainer of the SAA


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