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What's unique about this Teaching Strategies Course?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023


March 5, 9:00-11:00

March12, 26, April 2, Sunday, 10:00AM-12:30PM CST

In my conversations with teachers I coach, I always share the following questions:

1. What is your style of teaching? Do you tend to go for auditory, visual, verbal or kinesthetic means to exemplify your teaching points? How do you go from your most comfortable style to the less familiar ones and provide a balanced approach in your teaching?

2. Besides what to teach for a lesson, do you have a plan or a formula for "HOW" to teach?

3. Do you make sure the technical challenges a student is about to encounter in learning a piece well are being "front loaded" so the student can fully enjoy learning the piece rather than being "back loaded" and left feeling frustrated and unaccomplished?

Next, before diving into the nuts and bolts of strategies, having a big picture view can help us see and plan better. Be prepared to answer the following big questions:

1. What is a perfect Suzuki private lesson that includes a nurturing Suzuki triangle?

2. What are the essential ingredients for a successful private or group lesson based on each student's learning style?

Locate the Brain, the bones, and the heart for your teaching-

During our 10-hour discussion, I will help you discover your style to scaffold your approach so the tactics I share with you make sense to you and that will make teaching cello easy for you. I will offer guidance for your lesson planning, and more importantly, the strategies for keeping students inspired and motivated with tips for communicating with parents better to build a stronger community.

The discussion will lead us to the following:

1. Knowledge: What tactics can be considered in improving the quality of home practice while strengthening the Suzuki triangle at the same time?

2. Empathy: How to turn each student's learning style into becoming the assets of successful learning?

3. Game Plan: What are the knowledge/skills a Suzuki cello teacher needs in order to create a successful private or group lesson?

4. Vision: How do you plan you lessons in the long and short terms so that, not only will you be able to teach well but also have time to breathe and feel rewarded?

During the post-course one-on-one consultation, I will be able to offer a final wrap up for your individual needs and direction to help you continue growing.

I hope to see you in this course. Registration link HERE

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