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Cello Teaching and Training online and in Austin, TX

Shu-Yi Scott is a Cello Teacher and Cello Teacher Trainer specializing in the Suzuki cello method.

Her Studio is in Northwest Austin, TX and she also teaches, consults with cello teachers and gives seminars online.

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"I have a much better understanding of how to be a Suzuki cello teacher. I have already started implementing what I learned in her course into my teaching and am seeing my students respond well to these new teaching techniques. I highly recommend that any music teacher, whether experienced or not, take her course. It is life changing. Thank you, Shu-Yi!!"


-Olivia K

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"Shu-Yi provides dozens of invaluable ideas for guiding young beginners, along with excellent videos of these teaching techniques being applied in lessons. Her group classes are inventive and fun to observe. My toolbelt for teaching pre-twinkle, Book 1 and group classes has expanded tremendously!"

-Katherine H.

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