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Dr. Shu-Yi Scott, D.M.A.
Pedagogy Expert
Suzuki Cello Teacher Trainer

Cello Teaching and Training online and in Austin, TX

Shu-Yi Scott is a Cello Teacher and Cello Teacher Trainer specializing in the Suzuki cello method.

Her Studio is in Northwest Austin, TX and she also teaches, consults with cello teachers and gives seminars online.

Upcoming Teacher Training

Summer 2021

  • Suzuki Cello Book 1 Course, June 20-27, hosted by Greater Washington Suzuki Click HERE

  • Zoom in Group with Toys & Fun- Online Tension-Release Seminar for ALL STRINGS teachers- hosted by the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute Click HERE

  • New!! SAA Enrichment Course: Bow hold, shifting and vibrato for soft joints and different hand shapes:July 9th, 10sth, 11th, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 10:00-1:20 pm CST

  • Suzuki Cello Book 7, July 23-27, hosted by the Greater Austin Suzuki Institute, Click HERE

  • Cello Teaching Strategies, July 27-31,  hosted by the Greater Austin Suzuki Institute, Click HERE

  • Suzuki Cello Book 2, June 28-July 2, Monday-Friday, Click HERE (FULL !!)

  • Suzuki Cello Book 8, August, Click HERE

  • Every Child Can, August 28-29, Click HERE


Fall 2021

  • Suzuki Cello Book 1, September, Click HERE

  • Suzuki Cello Book 2, October, Click HERE

  • Suzuki Cello Book 3, November, Click HERE

  • Group class using the music around the world- TBA

  • The Power of Storytelling in Teaching-TBA


Parent Education Online Chats

"Thanks to Shu Yi, our daughters both love cello. Her approach, combining as it does rigor and high expectations with games, dancing and fun, has kept our kids challenged and excited for more. She has helped our whole family further embrace music and musical education."

-Abby R.

"My son is incredibly fortunate to have had Shu-yi  as his cello teacher for the last several years.   Shu-yi’s exceptional ability to communicate and connect with children, her creative approach to instruction, and her desire to share her knowledge and love of music drive her students to excel.  Shu-yi’s lessons, group classes, and camps are full of engaging and enriching activities, and my son always looks forward to his lesson. She always goes further than the extra mile in helping her students to succeed. I cannot recommend her enough."

-Erica M.


Upcoming Teacher Training

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"I have a much better understanding of how to be a Suzuki cello teacher. I have already started implementing what I learned in her course into my teaching and am seeing my students respond well to these new teaching techniques. I highly recommend that any music teacher, whether experienced or not, take her course. It is life changing. Thank you, Shu-Yi!!"


-Olivia K.

"Shu-Yi provides dozens of invaluable ideas for guiding young beginners, along with excellent videos of these teaching techniques being applied in lessons. Her group classes are inventive and fun to observe. My toolbelt for teaching pre-twinkle, Book 1 and group classes has expanded tremendously!"

-Katherine H.

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Lessons, Group Classes & Supplementary Material

"Mrs. Scott makes me feel confident that I will play well at performances and competitions, because I go in knowing she's taught me well and I'm prepared. She's gentle and encouraging. She focuses on teaching techniques and not just on playing through the next Suzuki song, so that when I do play the whole song, it all sounds good; also other music I play for my chamber group and for church sound good.

She arranges lots of performances, such as solos in group class, playing in nursing homes, and porch concerts, so that everyone is used to performing and doesn't get overly anxious.

Her group classes are fun, and let you get to know the other students in her studio.

She has a dog with very soft ears."

-B.D. 13

"Dr. Scott is teaching me to be disciplined in my practice. She’s taught me how to practice the “tricky spots” in a song so that I can play the song more fluently.   She incorporates fun cello games during group time so that I can use them during my practice too.  I started taking cello lessons a year and a half ago, and I have grown so much."  

-J.W. 13

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Cello Teaching Made Fun

Cello Learning Made Fun