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Programs for Teachers

Invest in your own growth now could leave positive impact on your students for life


Natural Approach to Cello Teaching

The goal of this course is to share how I combined Phyllis Young's foundational text, “Playing the String Game” with the Suzuki method and my strategies for tactile learning, to help cello beginners enjoy learning the basics of cello by using knowledge they already know to help them feel empowered and connected with their cello teachers and parents. 


This course, The Natural Approach to Cello Teaching, provides ways to help teachers discover each student's individual potential. By starting with what the children already know can help them be motivated and learn without fear. This is a great entry course to get all the tools a teacher will need to start a cello beginner well. 

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What is String Teacher Incubator?

I have selected a cohort of specialists to help with starting up or revamping your studio, covering all aspects of the studio, including:

  • Organizing your Studio Policies

  • Recruiting & Retaining Students

  • Pedagogy and Teaching techniques

  • Teaching beginners of different ages

  • Working with Students transferring to your studio

  • Choosing a Business Structure

  • How to plan your Business goals

  • Basic tax planning including how to deduct instrument purchases and budget for retirement savings


Coaching Program for String Teachers

I designed this program around the question "what advice would I give my younger self?" This is a deep dive into strategy planning for studio teachers through individual and group coaching.


  • Troubleshooting the obstacles for expanding your studio and teaching skills

  • Instruction online focusing on feedback of videos of your teaching

  • Individualized instruction based on your situation and circumstances


Suzuki Cello Teacher Training Courses

Train with the Suzuki Association of the Americas, be a registered Suzuki instructor, improve your teaching knowledge and techniques, and build your network.


  • Take "Every Child Can" course

  • Complete Audition Requirements

  • Get registered in certain Suzuki books

  • Take Supplementary or enrichment courses

  • Some Schools require Suzuki training for employment

  • Understand the materials and repetoire to enhance your teaching

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