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Strategies for Engaging Your Young Students for Online & Distance Environment

Since all the music lessons moved online in March 2020, Dr. Shu-Yi Scott has experimented with many ideas to keep students engaged and have fun learning for more than 60 online private and group classes, from pre-twinkle to advanced book classes. She analysed the strategies that worked for different levels, class settings, and strengthening a strong Suzuki triangle.

During the course work, she will share with you ways to:

  1. Find your own creativity and overcome the barrier of online and distance environment.

  1. Learn ways and tactics to teach pre-twinkle private & group classes online.

  2. Plan a Suzuki lesson or class for single-level & multi-level classes online.

  3. Design your own online lessons and classes and discuss the effectiveness.

This course includes 15 hours of lecture and 8 hours of observation

Pre-requisite: Violin/Viola/Cello Book 1

Cost: $430


November 22-23, Sunday &Monday, 7-10 pm Central TIme

November 29-30, Sunday &Monday, 7-10 pm Central TIme

December 6, Sunday, 7-10 pm Central Time

Video recorded and hands-on examples will be provided for the course

Prerequisite: ECC and any instrumental book 1 training course completed

Registration Form CLICK HERE

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