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Suzuki Cello Book 1 Teacher Training Course Online

Updated: Mar 23

I am so thrilled

that you are considering taking cello book 1 teacher training course. I learned so much from taking it many years ago so I took it again with another trainer. This course is filled with resources, knowledge, tactics, not only for teaching cello to beginners or students transferred from other studios, but also for communicating with parents and building a strong studio.

Due to the extensive areas about teaching covered, the hours required to take this course are 28 hours for lecture and 15 hours for observation so I suggest you plan ahead and schedule around it carefully to avoid getting worn out. The Suzuki Association of the Americas requires 100% attendance for this course to recognized as completed. (Update: I have given three Book 1 teacher course online since last October. Lots of more ideas for conveying teaching knowledge and lesson management have been developed.)

Please note there are audition requirements and that all audition materials should be completed 10 days prior to the first day of the course.

Go to the Teacher audition guide LINK HERE for more information.

A pre-course Zoom meeting is required. Zoom link will be shared once the registration is complete.

Pre-course and post-course work to be completed by a week after the last class day

Hours required: 28 hours of lecture。15 hours of observation

The latest book 1 teacher training course will be offered via the Greater Washington Suzuki Institute this summer.

Schedule: Unit 1 Teacher Training: June 19th-27th

Information link: Click HERE

For registration: Click HERE

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