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Suzuki/ASTA conference 2024

Three students from Shu-Yi Scott Cello Studio were selected to participate in the SAA Conference 2024 Student Orchestra (SAA= Suzuki Association of the Americas) in March. This was the first conference post Covid and also the first one to be held in conjunction with ASTA, the American String Teachers Association.

I am ultra thankful not only for these three students diligent work for this honorary event, but also for their parents' endless support by devoting their time and money in achieving this undoubtedly a memorable event.

Besides figuring out the whereabout and sorting out the busy schedule, all three students demonstrate their care for each other and built a deeper rapport among them.

In addition to participating in the orchestra, two of them were selected to perform for the masterclass with the assistant principal of the Philadelphia Orchestra, Ms. Yumi Kendall.

I had been so occupied by preparing for two proposal sessions that were selected by the SAA to present. I had not had time to give either of them any last minute cramming or "shot-in-the-arm" boost. Both of them had been working on the Haydn Cello Concerto in C major pretty much on their own. In fact, I had not seen them for more than two weeks prior to make it to Louisville, KY, for the conference.

Both of them managed their nerves and focus on playing with an accompanist they just met the day before with one short rehearsal and performing for an audience that was filled with many fine string teachers around the country. And they did an amazing job. I trust them and their parents for helping delegate and support them through and through. Here is a Suzuki triangle I will always cherish.

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