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What's the definition of successful teaching? Just talk about the basics

My wake up call for how to become a successful teacher-

A while ago before I decided to apply for the Teacher Trainer status for the Suzuki Method, I asked one of the prominent master teacher trainers in that field that I questioned my readiness to do so. The master teacher asked me this question:"Have you had any students won any competitions?" My answer was positive but I was a bit surprised by that question.

Is the success of teaching largely defined by the extrinsic rewards of the students' performance for the public? Sure, training students to win top prizes in competitions is one indicator to prove the competence of one's teaching. But does it manifest most of one master teacher's ability to help others to learn the subject successfully? Is the amount of trophies an objective evident of successful teaching? What about all the things I care deeply and regard truly essential for guiding students to success that are not easily assessed by awards and the results of competitions? What if a student's goal to learn a musical instrument is to enjoy playing but not seeking the recognition of public performance?

What are the things that should get across to a student's mind to help them lead a beautiful music learning life ON THEIR OWN?

Successful teaching should not be about cloning ourselves- Our teachers taught us the way they were taught. Tactics and strategies for mastering cello techniques have been passed down generation by generation from the beginning. Many masters have their own "trade secrets" and they passed them down to their own loyal students. The idea of pedigree is deeply rooted in the conservatory type of teaching. But TIME HAS CHANGED! Nowadays everyone can search and find out any so called "trade secret" they want on the internet. There are numerous online learning platforms where you can find these "secrets" with one click, either free or with a fee. We will take about this more later.

The first question we should ask ourselves when we start the journey to becoming a successful teacher should be:

What does it mean "success"? Does the success of teaching mean that we produce lots of mini-me by teaching our students the way we were taught? Is the successful teaching aiming at cloning ourselves? Could it be that teacher's idea of success is not nearly the same as that to a student or the parents'?

My idea for the definition of a successful master teacher is the knowledge to help each every student who comes in my studio with vastly different background and learning tendency or style to find the best-suited way of teaching successfully for each of their individual needs.

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